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1 September 2023
1 October 2023
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Do you have experience in graphic design with a strong portfolio of A+ content? If you think this is you, My Amazon Guy welcomes you to apply as our Graphic Designer!

If you are direct and to the point, you will fit in at MAG!

• Create compelling Brand Stories, A+ Content, and full Brand Stores (detailed storefront build).
• Independently create infographics/images, A+ content, and other creative works for clients on brand.
• Plan concepts by studying the information provided by the client.
• Visualize and illustrate concepts by creating/editing designs.
• Create listing graphics or any graphics per client/manager/s request.
• Asana board is well maintained with zero overdue tasks at the end of the day
• Communicate effectively with peers, managers, and clients to accomplish projects.
• Proactively contributes to the team by providing assistance when necessary.
• Utilize the tools provided by MAG to ensure the quality of work.
• Must have sign off from Creative leadership for competency
• Be available for all Team Syncs and important organizational meetings
**All of the above are subject to change as business has evolving needs

• Proven work experience as an A+ Content/Brand Store Designer
• Hands-on experience with editing software, including but not limited to Adobe After Effects, Lightworks, Premier, etc.
• Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator (but not limited to these)
• Must be comfortable communicating w/ colleagues
• Creative and artistic skills
• Ability to translate ideas into complete projects
• Amazon's (e-commerce) experience is a plus!

• Competitive salary base
• 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day
• Permanent WFH setup
• The work schedule is in Eastern Standard Time (Monday to Friday only)
• A dual Monitor setup is required (at least 8GB of RAM)
• Must have at least 25 MBPS internet speed
• Must meet or exceed the learning and performance targets set by the trainer, manager, and director for the next level position.
• Must consistently maintain good performance and seek skills development for professional growth.

You may follow up on your application by emailing us at

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