Amazon PPC & CVR Specialist | Data Whisperer | TACOS Ninja | PPC Manager | Team builder
Amazon PPC & CVR Specialist | Data Whisperer | TACOS Ninja | PPC Manager | Team builder
  • 26 December 2023

🌟 Hey there! If you've landed on my profile, it's probably because:

*Your Amazon ads haven't quite hit the jackpot,

*You're on a mission to take your Amazon brand from 'okay' to 'oh-wow,'

*You're craving launch strategies that pack a punch on Amazon, or

*You're just downright curious about the dazzling world of Amazon advertising.

🌟 Let's cut to the chase: Creating an Amazon empire doesn't require a marketing Ph.D. or a heist-level budget.
In a world where Amazon competition is wilder than a rollercoaster ride, reaching your ROAS dreams can feel like a plot twist. But fear not! Armed with advanced strategies, I'm here to turn your sales and conversion rates into the Cinderella story they were meant to be.

My toolkit includes:🚀

➡️ Epic Amazon PPC performances that leave audiences in awe.
➡️ Daring maneuvers in the world of PPC campaign optimization.
➡️ Orchestrating Amazon PPC symphonies that resonate with success.
➡️ Expanding your Amazon empire with PPC prowess (and maybe a touch of drama).
➡️ Analyze niche and competitor research.
➡️ Amazon PPC Campaigns Optimization.

Faizan Rajput🚀



Bachelor's of Business Administration @ GCUF
Sep 2021 — May 2024


Nov 2023 — Current

• Execute PPC strategies for diverse clients, managing monthly ad budgets up to 25000$
• Develop and Execute Strategic Growth Plans.
• Optimize Product Listings and Content.
• Customer Centric Approach.
• Task Prioritization and Operational Efficiency.
• Manage and optimize paid advertising campaigns for large clients with thousands of SKUs.
• Completed certifications in Amazon Advertising and actively participate in regular training sessions to stay up to date with industry trends and best practices.
• Thrive in a stimulating and supportive work environment that allows for personal and professional growth as a PPC specialist.

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