New year, new you, new product launch!

New year, new you, new product launch!

New year, new you, new beginnings, and if one of your beginnings is a product launch, you’ve come to the right place. Launching a new product on Amazon is a complicated process that requires thorough consideration and preparation. That goes for a lot of Seller Central processes, as any Amazon Seller or person working with Seller Central knows. Before the product even makes it live, you have to get up close and personal with Seller Central to prepare your product for success. So, let’s talk about some things that you definitely need to think about before launching!

The first step is choosing the products to launch, and this might be one of the most difficult steps for some. On average when you launch three products at once one will succeed, one will break even, and one will fail. Now, does that mean that every launch should consist of three products? Ideally, yes, however, for many Amazon Sellers that might not be a realistic goal. If there are tight budget restraints it might be better to go all in on one rather than spread yourself thin. With the latter, you’d just be making yourself even more vulnerable to the already tough conditions of the Seller Central climate. So launch three whenever possible for the best results, but consider your situation and make the best decision based on your budget.

When choosing a product, consider the current season or the product that has the most potential to be of interest all year round. Always rely on data and statistics when it comes to your choices in Seller Central. If you’re nearing the Valentine’s Day season like we are right now, a product related to that might be a good current launch. The same product, for example, a Valentine’s Day gift box for your loved one, wouldn’t do as well at launch if it was released in July. However, a more neutral gift box that can be used for many different occasions all year round can become an item that is always in demand.

Circling back to the importance of data and making choices logically, launching one product first might have other benefits. If you’re already working with Seller Central you’ve probably already guessed why, since investing in one product results in no division of your budget, which gives the one product you’re launching a bigger boost.

With the very first step down, there’s still a long way to go. While working with Seller Central, you will walk that road many times, and this might be the year for you to take the first step! To learn more about product launches, go over to MAG school where we have a detailed guide on all the steps you need to take for a successful product launch. Moreover, if you’re interested in not only launching your product in America, we have a separate guide that takes you from A to Z of launching internationally.



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