How many opportunities are there to get a Seller Central Job, really?

Seller Central Jobs

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace; throughout its long history, more people started to catch up on its opportunities. Thus, more and more people started learning the skills needed to help Amazon Sellers expand their businesses. As Amazon kept growing, the number of employees specializing in Seller Central-specific jobs also kept increasing. 

To an outsider, it might seem like there are way more specialists than open Seller Central Jobs. It’s hard to grasp the huge amount of Amazon Businesses, and therefore it’s easy to conclude that when it comes to Seller Central Jobs, the supply outweighs the demand. However, we are here to break that myth once and for all. 

Amazon is constantly growing and expanding – in 2021 alone, the Amazon Marketplace gained 472,000 new sellers. That means over 1,800 new sellers per day. Every day there are roughly 1,800 new sellers, most of whom will need specialists to help them make it on Amazon. Those numbers might be hard to conceptualize, so let’s make some comparisons. 

  • The biggest arena in the world – Rungardo 1st of May Stadium – could only fit one-third of the new sellers that only joined Seller Central in 2021;
  • The amount of new Amazon Sellers in 2021(472,000~) is only 25,000 short of matching the population of Atlanta, Georgia(497,000~);

Furthermore, it is projected that the amount of new Amazon Sellers in 2022 will be significantly more than last year. Helium 10 predicts that Amazon will have 665,000 new sellers by the end of this year! That number is higher than the whole population of Wyoming! Long story short – if you are looking for a Seller Central Job and are nervous that you won’t find one, you have nothing to worry about. There are plenty of jobs to go around. 

Although not every new seller realizes it, the truth still remains that their business needs SEO, Design, Ads, and Troubleshooting. Most new sellers will also need experienced specialists to do it right for them. With every Seller Central Job position, there are numerous new sellers who will look for someone to fill those needed positions soon. At this rate, the supply for Seller Central specialists – SEO specialists, PPC specialists, etc. is unlikely to outweigh the demand anytime soon.

All of that is to say, rest assured because your time gaining expertise in the world of Seller Central was not in vain. Whether you specialize in Amazon design, advertisement, SEO, troubleshooting, or any other Seller Central Job, there is either already a Seller Central Job waiting for you, or one of those 1,800 daily new sellers will have one for you very soon! There is someone out there who will require your special skills and expertise. The opportunities are endless, and anyone considering a Seller Central Job will have their place in the sun.



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