The Married Couple of Seller Central!

The Married Couple of Seller Central!

That’s right, do you already hear the wedding bells? Seller Central sure does. The two critical components to a listing’s success are SEO and PPC, and they work best together in a harmonious, happy marriage. If you’ve ever separated them, you might know just how grumpy they are when separated, and we’re here to explain why this union works so well and why you should never keep them apart again.



PPC – Pay Per Click is the most popular advertisement used within Amazon. Within PPC, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, such as campaign type, budget, product, and keywords. You can mix and match until your experiments yield you with the best results. But one thing will stay true, and it’s that you need PPC to achieve the best possible results. PPC is what gets your listing out there and gives it a chance to be noticed. That, in turn, gives you impressions and clicks, which makes PPC jobs very important within Seller Central.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization works by optimizing all text within your listing to make it appear in as many search results as possible. Optimizing the title, bullet points, crawlable text, alt-text, and description can affect the click-through rate and conversion. When all the text in the listing is optimized, that influences people to stay on your page instead of going to the competitor and persuades them to choose your product for purchase. You can probably guess how valuable that is and how valuable SEO specialists are in Seller Central.


In harmony, those two cover all the important steps, from a potential customer first seeing the listing to placing an order. The first impression, clicking through, converting the impression into a purchase; SEO and PPC are the reason this process happens.

Have you thought about which Seller Central Job you should go for to really make an impact? Try SEO or PPC to be one of the heroes of the Seller Central world. This is where listings need help to be seen, and customers need to be pushed in the right direction to make a purchase. These categories always need fresh perspectives and new employees that are eager to make a change and take it a step further.

If you have ever underestimated either of them or if you have been overlooking SEO or PPC, this is your sign to give both of them a chance. Anyone who’s been working with Seller Central for a long time will tell you that this is a union that works best when unbroken. The benefit that you’ll be getting by using both of them to unite their advantages will take you several steps further in your Seller Central career. You’ll see the results you’ve always dreamed of once you see that these two are meant to stay together and work their magic to help multiply results.



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