It’s Us Against Them and Their Lies

It’s Us Against Them and Their Lies

Have you ever looked at how many Seller Central Jobs there are, realized that it’s a lot, and wondered why? The answer is pretty simple – Amazon makes being a seller very hard. That statement will come as no surprise to anyone who has ever sold on Amazon or worked a Seller Central job, but if you’re confused, keep reading, and you’ll understand soon enough.

To start off – Amazon lies. A lot. Probably way more than you can imagine. They lied in congress, they lied at their own conference, they lied about their policies, about inventory – you name it, and they probably have lied about it. Working in a Seller Central-related field is like going through a haunted house daily – you never know when or what will jump out at you. It might seem easy and transparent on the surface level, but as soon as you dig deeper, it becomes crystal clear that we really know nothing. We’re navigating it blindly, and the rules might change as soon as we figure them out.

One of their biggest lies was promising to fix seller support. Yeah, we’re still waiting on that one. You have to drag every response out of them with all your might, it’s as if their life depends on keeping the answers secret and withdrawing help. 

Long story short – whatever can go wrong usually does, which is why professional help is needed to make the uphill battle of navigating Seller Central easier. We’re dealing with an unreliable narrator here, and we must put our minds and strengths together to make it to the next chapter. At the end of the day, in the vast majority of situations, it’s us against Amazon. There are so many pitfalls to look out for, and as you might have heard – there is strength in numbers.

All of that is exactly why there are so many Seller Central jobs waiting to be filled and so many employees looking for a Seller Central Job. There are always sellers struggling to figure out the riddle of Seller Central, and employees who know that know it can only be done with combined efforts. It takes a team of people constantly dealing with Seller Central to know its newest tricks and troubleshoot everything they’ll throw at a seller. 

That mysterious labyrinth can be intimidating for those going through it alone. Once you have a team to back you up and cover your blind spots, it gets better (although it still isn’t a piece of cake by any means). It’s possible to do it alone; however, that seldomly goes well, and it’s a risk of burning out before winning your first battle. 

So be a part of the solution by spreading the word, doing your Seller Central job, and fighting alongside us to make Amazon a better place for sellers and buyers alike. 



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