The Backbone of Seller Central Success

Seller Central success

For anyone looking to really make an impact in Seller Central, PPC is one of the best ways to go. Pay Per Click advertising is the most common type of advertising on Amazon, but it affects even more than you might think. It is one of the key factors to success on Amazon, and it’s what can truly make or break a brand.

The unfortunate truth is that selling on Amazon requires spending money. There is no way around it since a lack of investment in paid advertising results not only results in a loss of impressions and click-through rates, it causes a loss of organic ranking. It’s not surprising to anyone who deals with Seller Central that Amazon will go as far as taking away a listing’s organic ranking over it not having paid advertisement. That makes PPC and PPC specialists the backbone of Seller Central work. No PPC equals no organic ranking, low click-through rates, low conversion, and, therefore, likely no sales.

Some people think they can get their PPC down on their own, and while it might seem easy enough on the surface, there are many pitfalls. For example, not everyone knows that negating a keyword doesn’t just mean that the keyword won’t be used in that campaign – it will result in the whole account losing its chances of ranking for that keyword ever again. Another pitfall many fall for is thinking that any traffic an ad brings you is good. It seems obvious enough that more traffic means more potential sales, so how can traffic be wrong? But if someone targets irrelevant keywords, it may result in increased traffic; however, those views will be coming from a cold, disinterested audience that isn’t really interested in their product. That will cause the conversion rate to plummet, and the only result will be a huge loss of money.

The main reason why PPC specialists are the way to go is that Seller Central Ads need to be audited and edited constantly. PPC is not set it and forget it; doing it that way is the easiest way to lose money and never reach the full potential. Good PPC requires constant attention and tweaking. Analyzing results to understand exactly what works well and where and how to do more of it requires an in-depth understanding of Seller Central and Amazon in general.

One place where you can learn how to ace it is MAG School, where we have an in-depth PPC course for only $20. MAG School is the one-stop solution for your Seller Central curiosity and contains a vast vault of Amazon knowledge at affordable prices! Moreover, at Seller Central Jobs, you can find an opening to show off your PPC skills or find an employee to do it for you.
And never forget that PPC and SEO work best together, and for the best results, never separate them and let this harmonious union work its magic!



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