The BIGGEST Amazon Business Misconception

Are you considering starting an Amazon Business to get some quick money on the side and enjoy a passive income? If so, you’re in for a rude awakening. As much as we hate to burst your bubble, we’re here to help you avoid the same mistake that thousands of people have made before you. That mistake can result in a massive loss of money and can cause you a giant headache along the way.

The mistake in question is thinking of Amazon as an easy way to get passive income. There are dozens of articles on the internet that will tell you how good of an idea it is and list numerous ways to “prove” how working with Seller Central is one of the best passive income strategies. However, in reality, that is not the case, and it hasn’t been that way for a very long time. 

Amazon has evolved into a competitive marketplace that requires constant attention, growth, and learning. It’s not a “set it and forget it” situation. 

Seller Central is a mysterious, twisted, and unpredictable land that is hard to navigate without a map. While it may seem like a perfect opportunity to have a business that will be easy to manage, that illusion depends on the assumption that Seller Central functions with no hiccups and that Seller Central Support is on your side to help you troubleshoot. That statement is simply untrue.

As an Amazon Seller or anyone with a Seller Central job, you constantly have to fight for every dollar to profit. It’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme by any means, and if you were planning to do it alone because you thought it was all so easy – it’s time to re-think that decision.
Unless you have money to burn, you’ll have to treat it like a real serious business. That comes with hiring, consulting with experts, dealing with issues, monitoring progress to catch mistakes in time, and a lifetime of frustrating conversations with Seller Central. Once you start dealing with Seller Central, it will force you to pay constant attention to it and learn new things every day in order to not lose your place as Amazon grows and evolves. 

As with any real company, one of your biggest investments has to be in people and relationships. Trying to navigate Seller Central alone is a lonely, fruitless task. So get ready to work with people, be willing to grow and learn, and know that there won’t be anything easy, quick, or passive about working in Seller Central!



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