What makes a listing eye candy?

What makes a listing an eye candy

One of the things everyone working with Seller Central knows is that you need to represent your brand well by using great designs. Despite the popularity of the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” you know that people still do. The design used in a brand’s account can attract clicks, aid in leaving the right impression, and show the customer the product can make their life better, all of which can help seal the deal and turn a view into a purchase. No one working a Seller Central Job should ever underestimate the power of design.

Do you already know what designs every listing should have? We’re here to make it easy for non-designers to know what to request and for designers to remember. Let’s start with the face of your listing – the listing images.

The first image everyone will see and the face of your product in the search results – the main image, sometimes referred to as the hero image, is an image of your product on a pure white background. The main image must only show the product, although it may show accessories included with the product, if any, or relevant ingredients. It has to show the product outside the packaging and take up at least 85% of the image. The hero image can not include logos, text, borders, and other additional elements.

The second type of image that aids in telling your product’s story and showing how beneficial your product is are infographics. That is pretty self-explanatory – infographics are images that visualize information about the product. Infographics can be used to detail the product’s benefits and highlight important features. That can include ingredients, materials, dimensions, or any other information that you want to bring to light.

The third type, and a very powerful tool, are lifestyle images. Lifestyle images show the product in use, which helps the client visualize what having and using the product will be like. The product stops being a hypothetical idea outside of real life. Visualizing how people interact with the product and what it looks like in use brings it to life and shows the customer how it will fit into their lifestyle.

Last but certainly not least are the feature images. Feature images are a wide category that includes images looking in many different ways. Their goal is to highlight an important feature of the product, one that may be a selling point. This image can be used to show the customer why they need your product specifically – what makes it different, why it stands out, and why they should buy yours rather than looking elsewhere.

Having all of these types of images will make your listings look neat, put together, and professional. This is the wrapper that will turn your listings into eye candy!

That is just the beginning – we haven’t even touched upon A+ content, Brand Story, and Brand Store! Anyone dealing with Seller Central should know the basics of what makes a great Amazon design. Whether you’re a seller or someone working a Seller Central Job – you’ll benefit from the information detailed in our MAG School Design course for non-designers. Available on mag-school.com, this course will teach you all the basics you need to know for a deeper understanding of the design you’ll deal with in Seller Central.



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